Practical psychology for dummies

Practical psychology for dummies

New program on DLVRADIO, presented and directed by Lucía Etxebarria.

We talk about infidelity when two people have committed to each other to maintain a mutually exclusive relationship. A relationship that rules out the possibility of having sex outside of that couple. We talk about infidelity when there is a commitment and someone skips that commitment and lies. In that case, the worst thing is not the sexual act itself, but the lie to the person with whom you have a deep bond.

Not all infidelities are the same, nor do they stem from the same reasons, nor do they have the same repercussions. However, they all have something in common: they damage the bond. The trust between both members is broken.

But... Why does someone commit to doing one thing and then do the opposite? Sometimes, because he is a narcissist. On other occasions because he has an evasive personality. In others because it houses what we call “the virgin and whore complex.” In any case, these are always people who have not excessively high empathy, because they put their own needs before the harm they can do to their partner.

All this and much more... In psychology for dummies.